Saturday, 30 April 2011

How it all began

About a year ago I completely changed my mind about Tattoo's. All my life I'd been against any sort of body art, I thought it was scary and permanent and completely regrettable.
I realised that I always wrote things on my hand... so much so that there was pretty much something ALWAYS on my hand. Kind of like a tattoo, yes? It occurred to me that I was always going to do that, even though I have note books, diaries and a phone that I can write reminders on... I am always going to go back to trusty back of left hand!
So... i started to think about getting a tattoo with the words 'To Do:' on it. I mulled it over for a year.

Then while on holiday with my friend Jill in Portland Oregon, I just went for it. I'd just turned 32 and was feeling a bit wreckless. Jill's friend Rosina new a great tattoo place, so I drew on my hand what I wanted, i paid my $50, i picked the purple colour I wanted, and sat there and winced while the lovely lady tattoo'd my hand.
I have been terrified of needles all my life, and this was surprisingly not as scary as this picture makes out - I couldn't watch it being done though. I expected it to hurt a lot more than it did, but I used the techniques I learned in my phobia therapy and it really helped me to not freak out... Jill laughing at me also helped.

SO now... my plan is to put this tattoo to good use. Whenever I do something interesting in my life I will add it to my hand and then add it to this blog.
I have done lots of cool stuff in my life already, and been some great places, so i will be frustrated forever that I can't add them to this blog, but meh.
I would also love to say this was my idea... but the credit must go to Jill. :D x